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31 Ways to be Pro Abundant Life

Sometimes it’s difficult to find practical ways to live out your pro-life beliefs. So here are thirty-one practical ways for you to live out your beliefs right in your community. Some ideas are as simple as saying a quick prayer, while others will require planning or financial investment. Tackle them in whatever order you’re most comfortable with, and add your own! This is meant to be a simple tool to help you get started.

Here are just a few of the ways you can be intentionally, effectively Pro-Abundant Life!

1 PrayerPray that women and men making pregnancy decisions will choose life and choose Christ.

1 PrayerFind your local Care Net pregnancy center and pray for them.

3 ChurchTalk to your pastor about bringing Making Life Disciples™ to your church.

6 partnerFinancially support your local pregnancy center.

5 LearnWear a Pro Abundant Life t-shirt or mask when you go out.

4 WriteWrite your local pregnancy center a card of encouragement.

6 partnerAsk your local pregnancy center what material donations they need and collect them.

Example: Many centers empower life decisions by providing diapers, baby formula, clothes, and other supplies to clients. During COVID, centers may also need disposable masks and cleaning supplies.

1 PrayerPray for local abortion clinics and workers.

3 ChurchWatch Roland Warren’s Pro Abundant Life video.

5 LearnAnd share it with a friend!

2 Break the cycle“Adopt” a single parent, and include them and their child(ren) in your family activities.

1 PrayerPray for women who are being pressured to abort by a parent, partner, or employer; that they will have courage and choose life.

2 Break the cycleProvide child care for a single parent.

6 partnerOffer your professional skills to support your local pregnancy center - IT, bookkeeping, Social Media, Graphic Design, Marketing, etc.

5 LearnPlan to participate in a peaceful Life Chain event.

4 WriteIdentify your local pro-life elected officials and write them a letter of encouragement and thanks.

5 LearnDownload the BYD Mobile app for Apple or Android and become familiar with it so you can help a friend make a life-affirming decision.

1 PrayerPray for your local elected officials.

5 LearnShare your own Pro Abundant Life vision on your social media accounts.

1 PrayerPray for the March for Life.

2 Break the cycleMentor a struggling young woman or man for 6 months.

1 PrayerPray for pregnant women who are victims of domestic or intimate partner violence.

5 LearnDownload and read the free Pro-Abundant Life Booklet.

1 PrayerPray for other life-affirming ministries.

2 Break the cycleOffer a night of childcare to a foster or adoptive family in your community.

1 PrayerPray for Pregnancy Decision Line callers and coaches.

6 partnerSupport a local maternity home.

2 Break the cycleOrganize a weekly meal for one year for a new single parent, foster, or adoptive family.

3 ChurchTalk to your church about supporting a local pregnancy center.

Examples: take a special offering, volunteer to redecorate a coaching room, do landscaping, or throw a baby shower for the center’s clients.

6 partnerBuy gift cards and donate them to a pregnancy center for their clients.

Examples: gift cards for local grocery stores, department stores, or restaurants are helpful for busy, cash-strapped parents.

5 Learn

Take Caring Foundations and prayerfully consider whether God might be calling you to volunteer at your local center.


Download the full 31 Ways to be Pro Abundant Life list here!

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