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31 Ways to be Pro Abundant Life

Sometimes it’s difficult to find practical ways to live out your pro-life beliefs. So here are thirty-one practical ways for you to live out your beliefs right in your community. Some ideas are as simple as saying a quick prayer, while others will require planning or financial investment. Tackle them in whatever order you’re most comfortable with, and add your own! This is meant to be a simple tool to help you get started.

Here are just a few of the ways you can be intentionally, effectively Pro-Abundant Life!

31-ways-icons-02Pray that women and men making pregnancy decisions will choose life and choose Christ.

31-ways-icons-02Find your local Care Net pregnancy center and pray for them.

31-ways-icons-01Talk to your pastor about bringing Making Life Disciples™ to your church.

31-ways-icons-04Financially support your local pregnancy center.

31-ways-icons-05Wear a Pro Abundant Life t-shirt when you go out.

31-ways-icons-06Write your local pregnancy center a card of encouragement.

31-ways-icons-04Ask your local pregnancy center what material donations they need and collect them.

Example: Many centers empower life decisions by providing diapers, baby formula, clothes, and other supplies to clients.

31-ways-icons-02Pray for local abortion clinics and workers.

31-ways-icons-01Watch Roland Warren’s Pro Abundant Life video.

31-ways-icons-05And share it with a friend!

31-ways-icons-03“Adopt” a single parent, and include them and their child(ren) in your family activities.

31-ways-icons-02Pray for women who are being pressured to abort by a parent, partner, or employer; that they will have courage and choose life.

31-ways-icons-03Provide child care for a single parent.

31-ways-icons-04Offer your professional skills to support your local pregnancy center - IT, bookkeeping, Social Media, Graphic Design, Marketing, etc.

31-ways-icons-05Plan to participate in a peaceful Life Chain event.

31-ways-icons-06Identify your local pro-life elected officials and write them a letter of encouragement and thanks.

31-ways-icons-05Download the BYD Mobile app for Apple or Android and become familiar with it so you can help a friend make a life-affirming decision.

31-ways-icons-02Pray for your local elected officials.

31-ways-icons-05Share your own Pro Abundant Life vision on your social media accounts.

31-ways-icons-02Pray for the March for Life.

31-ways-icons-03Mentor a struggling young woman or man for 6 months.

31-ways-icons-05Take Caring Foundations and prayerfully consider whether God might be calling you to volunteer at your local center.

31-ways-icons-02Pray for pregnant women who are victims of domestic or intimate partner violence.

31-ways-icons-05Download and read the free Pro-Abundant Life Booklet.

31-ways-icons-02Pray for other life-affirming ministries.

31-ways-icons-03Offer a night of childcare to a foster or adoptive family in your community.

31-ways-icons-02Pray for Pregnancy Decision Line callers and coaches.

31-ways-icons-04Support a local maternity home.

31-ways-icons-03Organize a weekly meal for one year for a new single parent, foster, or adoptive family.

31-ways-icons-01Talk to your church about supporting a local pregnancy center.

Examples: take a special offering, volunteer to redecorate a coaching room, do landscaping, or throw a baby shower for the center’s clients.

31-ways-icons-04Buy gift cards and donate them to a pregnancy center for their clients.

Examples: gift cards for local grocery stores, department stores, or restaurants are helpful for busy, cash-strapped parents.

Download the full 31 Ways to be Pro Abundant Life list here!

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