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Care Net at the 2023 March for Life

Posted by Vincent DiCaro on Jan 26, 2023 12:25:50 PM

The Pro Abundant Life movement showed up strong at the 2023 March for Life! Care Net's team and supporters from all over the country held high their "I am Pro Abundant Life" signs at the National Mall and along the March route to the U.S. Capitol Building. 

The Pro Abundant Life Movement Showed Up to This Year's March

Thanks to the support of thousands of Pro Abundant Life women and men across the nation, Care Net was able to carry the Pro Abundant Life message to the 2023 March for Life on their behalf. In the wake of the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade, it is more important than ever that our nation is not just pro-life, but Pro Abundant Life -- not only saving babies from abortion, but helping to build strong, God-honoring families and transforming lives through the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Watch the short video below to see how the Pro Abundant Life message was spread at the March this year!
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To learn more about what it means to be Pro Abundant Life, click here.



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