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Abortions are on the rise during this pandemic. Will you help save babies 365 days a year?
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Care Net Saved 748,784 Babies From Abortion

Posted by Care Net on Sep 5, 2019 5:00:00 AM

Care Net has a network of 1,100 affiliated pregnancy centers in all fifty states and Canada, staffed by over 30,000 volunteers. We believe that all women have a right to factual pregnancy and parenting information presented in a caring and compassionate manner, regardless of the choice they will ultimately make. Accordingly, our clinics inform women of the medical effects of carrying a child to term as well as the effects of abortion. 

We do this because we believe that women deserve access to the latest medically accurate information regarding their pregnancy decisions. 

When women are empowered with compassion and support, many choose life for their unborn children. After visiting a Care Net affiliate, 80% of women considering abortion choose life. In 2018 alone, Care Net-affiliated pregnancy centers saved 71,536 unborn lives! During the past ten years, 748,784 unborn children were saved from abortion due to the valiant efforts of our staff and volunteers. 

Every year, we release an impact report detailing the work of our centers to empower women and men in their pregnancy decisions and a community savings report highlighting the free services that pregnancy centers provide clients. During the last eleven years, Care Net-affiliated pregnancy centers have provided more than 1.2 million free ultrasounds and more than three million free pregnancy tests.

Care Net support does not end once a child is born. Since 2008, our centers provided more than 1.1 million women and men with parenting support and education and 1.7 million with material resources like diapers, clothing, and new car seats.

In 2018 alone, Care Net affiliates provided 784,302 clients with free services valued at over $62 million. 

We do this because we are not only pro-life, but Pro Abundant Life. This means supporting women and men before, during, and after birth with the resources and information they need to raise children in an environment where they can thrive.

Ultimately, our clients are our best advocates. 98.7% of Care Net-affiliated center clients who completed a written exit survey in 2013 indicated that their overall experience at the center was positive. This number was 97% in 2014 and 2015.  

This satisfaction rating is higher than that of Netflix and the iPhone

Care Net-affiliated pregnancy centers are a vital part of their community and daily offer compassion, hope, and help to those making pregnancy decisions.

View the 2019 Impact and Community Savings reports below! 

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