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Community and Unity: The Importance of Family in the Pro-Life Narrative

Posted by Care Net on Jan 29, 2015 1:55:00 PM

On January 22nd, Care Net President and CEO Roland Warren was interviewed by The Boundless Show about the important work of pregnancy centers.  In the interview he talked about his own story with an unplanned pregnancy and the important role of families in the pro-life narrative.  

Roland got his girlfriend pregnant while he was a junior at Princeton. Despite being encouraged to abort the child by university staff, they chose life and marriage.  Roland refers to the moment where a man says,"I’ll be a husband to you and a father to the child growing inside you,” as "The Joseph Moment."  It is the realization that Joseph came to in taking Mary as his wife.  Much like young adults today, Mary and Joseph had hopes and dreams that didn’t include a baby, and they are a model for how to face an unplanned pregnancy.

Roland went on to argue that, "We need not just a pro-life narrative but an abundant life narrative, and we have to ask, "What does abundant life look like to a baby?”  Contending that abundant life, the gospel, and family are intertwined, he said, “We have to have a narrative that frames the life issue consistent with the gospel.  This is not just about the woman, but about the woman, the baby, the father, the family."  He strongly asserts that "abortion is an assault on the sanctity of the family.”

Ultimately contends Roland, our argument should be about community and unity. While one side seeks to divide and destroy, we should be working to unite and heal.  “My body, my choice is an autonomous statement because it is not your body and your choice. Whenever there is autonomy outside of God’s design, there will always be enmity... Our movement should be about community and unity instead of autonomy and enmity."

Listen to the full segment below for more thoughts about how to communicate the pro-life message and let us know your thoughts.


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