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How Making Life Disciples Equipped Someone to Save a Life

Posted by Care Net on Aug 15, 2018 5:00:00 AM

Lynda was one of twenty-five “Life Disciples” who participated in a Making Life Disciples course at her church in Virginia. The class held a “commissioning” party on a Friday evening to celebrate all they learned. Thanks to friends like you that helped put Making Life Disciples in churches around the country, they were ready to begin reaching out to women and men considering abortion in their church and community. 

On Monday, Lynda ran into a young woman she knew, named Olivia*. Olivia seemed tense and worried. Lynda asked her if she could help. Olivia told Lynda everything … that she was pregnant, and had an abortion appointment scheduled for Thursday … just three days later! Olivia didn’t see how she could graduate from college if she had a baby.  Abortion, she thought, was her only choice. 

Lynda, drawing on the training she had just received, was ready! She spoke to Olivia with compassion, showing her that she truly cared about her situation and began gently discussing her options. After their heartfelt discussion, Olivia said, “I’m still not sure what I’m going to do, but I am going to sincerely consider placing my baby for adoption.” Lynda gave Olivia her number and offered to connect Olivia with a pregnancy center and other supportive people in her church if she wished. 

Because of Lynda’s ministry to this young woman, Olivia’s baby has a greater chance to live. Isn't that incredible? On Friday, Lynda was commissioned and, two days later, she introduced a woman considering abortion to the hope that defies the lies of the abortion industry.

Lynda’s goal wasn’t just to “get” Olivia to choose life. She wanted to introduce Olivia to an abundant life in Christ. She wanted to unite her to the life-affirming people connections – the body of Christ – that would continue long after her baby is born.

Empowered by her Making Life Disciples training, Lynda became the hands and feet of Jesus in that moment, offering tangible, Christ-centered support to this desperate woman who felt she had no choices.

Four out of ten women who have had an abortion were attending church at the time of their first abortion. That statistic is mind-boggling. But when people like Lynda are able to take action, because of your support of Making Making Life Disciples, the church can begin to overturn Roe v. Wade in the pews.

Please keep Lynda and the growing number of Life Disciples around the country in prayer, as they minister to women like Olivia in need of the transforming power of the Gospel that will allow them to choose life for their unborn children.

*name changed to protect the client's identity

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