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Not Strong Enough: Gracie's Story

Posted by Care Net on Aug 30, 2016 1:07:31 PM

BlogSuccessStory1.jpgHow you saved a child by speaking Life and Hope!

When Gracie discovered she was four weeks pregnant, she was terrified. She was a Christian and had a personal relationship with Christ, and felt that abortion was wrong. . .  so her first thought was to place the baby for adoption.

In addition, she was raised to believe that it is wrong to “kill a baby,” but she felt there was no way she could ever tell her parents that she was pregnant.

So she turned to the only one she thought she could: her boyfriend. 

Unfortunately, he was anything but supportive of her plan. He told her that he was too young to be a father. If she put the child up for adoption, that child would grow up knowing its father did not want it. That was something her boyfriend could not allow to happen. 

He told her that she had to have an abortion. That there was no other option for them.

Feeling utterly alone, she desperately needed someone to talk to about her situation. So Gracie called the number she saw in an online ad for Pregnancy Decision Line (PDL). The pregnancy decision coach listened as Gracie shared her story. And then Gracie asked, “How can I be expected to kill my own child?”

But what scared Gracie the most was that she found herself contemplating the unthinkable.

Though she preferred adoption, she confessed that she lacked the courage to ignore her boyfriend’s demands.

She was seriously considering aborting her baby.

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 Standing Up for the Weak and Defenseless

This, sadly, isn’t an uncommon situation. Every day, women are faced with seemingly impossible situations that make it sound like abortion is their only option. Often, fathers aren’t just unsupportive of an unexpected or complicated pregnancy. . . They’re actively encouraging mothers to kill their children in the womb.

Imagine what a difference the support of her unborn child’s father could have made for Gracie and her state of mind by offering to support her and her decision to place the baby in a loving home more ready to meet a newborn’s needs. Instead, Gracie was asked to violate her conscience and innate desire to protect her unborn child.

That is why PDL’s outreach to those actively seeking abortions is so critical in the fight for unborn lives. . . and why it is so important that we train churches and pregnancy centers to engage fathers as soon as possible in a pregnancy.

After listening to all of Gracie’s fears and struggles, the PDL coach referred her to a local pregnancy center for on-going emotional, spiritual, and practical support. . . knowing that they would be able to partner with her in her journey and empower her to make the choice she wanted to make all along.

A few weeks later, the PDL coach called Gracie back. Gracie had met with the center and found the support she so desperately needed.

Instead of judging her for contemplating abortion, the volunteers at her local pregnancy center just showed her unconditional love. She realized that she wasn’t alone in her struggles with her boyfriend and family. Through their conversations, she found the courage to choose adoption. She didn’t have to make her decision because of fear! 

BlogSuccessStory1b.jpgAnd because of the generous support of friends like you, friends who spoke truth and hope into a bleak situation, Gracie’s baby will be raised in a loving home and Gracie won’t have to carry the burden of guilt that follows abortion.

You Can Make a Difference!

Every day women face unexpected—or unexpectedly complicated—pregnancies feeling isolated, ashamed, and helpless. All too often, the men in their lives fail to encourage and support them in their time of need.

But thanks to you, they will find someone standing in the gap and providing a voice for their unborn babies at Pregnancy Decision Line or in one of over 1,100 well-trained Care Net affiliated pregnancy centers across North America.

This year, you have spoken truth into more dire situations than ever before, but this work needs your continued support. This month, we need to raise $402,000 in order to keep reaching out...  keep speaking truth... keep standing up for those who have no voice... and keep SAVING LIVES.

Please consider a generous tax-deductible gift today. THANK YOU!

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* Name changed to protect the identity of our client.

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