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Abortions are on the rise during this pandemic. Will you help save babies 365 days a year?
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Unplanned Pregnancy? What are the Options?

Posted by Cindy Hopkins on Jan 8, 2016 11:50:35 AM

BabyCapture_01.pngWhat are my choices?  Is it a baby yet?  Isn’t there a pill for this?  What happens during an abortion?  

The above questions are not typically heard at social gatherings or family events.  But they are heard every day at the more than 1100 Care Net pregnancy centers across the U.S. and Canada. Utilizing a variety of medically accurate resources, pregnancy center workers are able to help people fully understand the pregnancy options before them and answer their most important questions.  People who might have known very little about abortion are equipped to make an informed decision about their pregnancy based on truth.  And, thankfully, because of these resources, tens of thousand of women every year rely on the truth to choose life for their unborn children.  

Knowing the facts is important in the pregnancy decision. Care Net has produced an exciting resource that can be used even beyond the walls of our pregnancy centers; a resource to help people make difficult pregnancy decisions.  Abortion or Baby: Before You Decide, a short animated video, presents the facts about abortion in a compelling, non-graphic, medically accurate manner, and addresses the most common questions about pregnancy choices.  

We encourage you to watch Abortion or Baby: Before You Decide and consider how you might use it in your sphere of influence.  It might not be screened at your next neighborhood party or family reunion, but we trust that God will use this video to spread the truth to the places it is needed most—the hearts and minds of those most vulnerable to abortion.    

(While it isn't graphic, animations of abortion procedures may be disturbing to some.)

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