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Why God's Love is the Greatest Threat to Abortion

Posted by Care Net on Aug 15, 2018 5:00:00 AM

The most powerful force in this world is the love of God. From Genesis to Revelation, we read the story of God’s relentless pursuit of His fallen creation and His undying commitment to redemption, reconciliation, and restoration. When women and men encounter this transformational love, it changes everything.

Just ask Kelley.*

Kelley had three kids and what could best be described as a failed marriage. Though she had given her all to her relationship with her husband, things went from bad to worse. Heartbroken, Kelley sought love in another man … but found an unplanned pregnancy instead.

Her partner was emotionally unstable and did not want her to keep the child.

Kelley was caught between a failed marriage, a failed relationship with her baby’s father, and the uncertain future of a baby she hadn’t planned for. Abortion seemed like the only way out—until she encountered God’s love.

When Kelley called the number for Care Net's Pregnancy Decision Line, she found a coach ready to remind her of the love of God. A love not based on her circumstances, not hindered by her mistakes and poor choices, but rooted in His unchanging nature. The Coach listened as Kelley shared her belief that God existed, but that abortion may be necessary in this circumstance. As the coach probed deeper, Kelley realized that she didn’t believe God wanted her to abort her baby. The more she talked with her coach, the more she realized that she needed to take a step of obedience and faith in God’s love for her and her baby.

She decided she would not have an abortion!

Every day, thousands of women and men face unexpected – or unexpectedly complicated –  pregnancies and the debilitating shame that often accompanies them. Like Kelley, they are desperate to encounter a tangible presentation of God’s love. Through your generous support of Care Net and Pregnancy Decision Line, you are introducing them to the love of God in the nick of time.

God’s love brings not just salvation, but transformation. Enabling women like Kelley to find more than life for their unborn children, but also abundant life for their families.  

*name changed to protect the client's identity

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