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Why We Put Christ at the Center

Posted by Roland C Warren on Feb 27, 2020 8:19:13 AM

As Christians, we often take it for granted that we should be pro-life. But recently, I’ve really begun to think through the “why” behind the “what.” Why is being pro-life central to our faith in Christ?

For me, it starts with the birth of Jesus himself. You see, a fundamental tenet of our Christian faith is that Jesus Christ is fully God and became fully man in order to save us in our humanity. In other words, there was never a point at which Jesus wasn’t God (John 1:1 or 8:58), and at the moment he descended from heaven to save us in our humanity, there could never have been a point at which he was not fully man… But why does this matter?

Because Jesus from the point of his incarnation was always fully man, then from the moment Mary became pregnant with him, he was fully man; or put another way, fully human. Can you see where this leads us?

From the moment of Christ’s immaculate conception, he had to have been fully human; otherwise, the very foundation of our Christian faith crumbles. And since he was fully human from the moment of conception, his life was certainly sacred and certainly worthy of protection, as are the lives of every single human being because they are created in the image and likeness of God.

All of this leads to an inevitable conclusion – our Christian faith compels us to be pro-life. And, as you probably know, at Care Net we strive to be Pro Abundant Life, focusing not just on the life of the unborn child, but on the importance of marriage, fatherhood, family, and, you guessed it, the gospel.

And that is why Christ is at the center of our organization. Because we love Jesus and would have done anything to protect him in his mother’s womb, we are compelled to do the same for every one of God’s children.

And I am honored that you have joined us in this Pro Abundant Life mission.

Vision Statement:

Care Net envisions a culture where women and men faced with pregnancy decisions are transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and are empowered to choose life for their unborn children and abundant life for their families.

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Some pro-choice activists now publicly defends infanticide. As believers in Jesus Christ, we know that every baby deserves protection and that abortion breaks God's heart.

Planned Parenthood and their allies promise horrific new abortion laws across America unless we act.

Say, “I stand with other believers against abortion and infanticide."

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