Brie Naughton

Pregnancy Decision Line Manager

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

To know that, with God, the possibilities are endless. God has given me a vision that Care-Net is a point of light in a dark world, and I believe that He has a plan to take this initial point of light, and create multiple points of light across the country. The fact that I get to have a hand in fostering that, is more rewarding than I can say.

What is your favorite Bible verse/book/chapter/section? Why?

"God is in the midst of her, she will not be moved, God is with her when morning dawns." -Psalm 46:5. Life is within Christ, it IS Christ, and that life is the light of men; that light shines in the darkness, and the darkness will not overcome it. Psalm 46:5 reassures me of this. I belong to Christ. His light in within me, and because of that I will not be moved. Regardless of how dark it may seem, dawn is always coming.

Do you have any phobias? 

LOBSTERS! and Moths!....and truthfully, mayonaise in bulk quantities. Gross.

Why are you pro-life?

Because I have every reason in the world to be! I get to share in this beautiful thing called LIFE because choices were made on my behalf to allow that. Every person, every single person, regardless of age, race, ability or disability has been endowed with intrinsic value. We have purpose and a plan that God knew long before we ever took our first breath.

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