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Turn Your Pro-Life Passion into Action 

The 2022 Called and Missioned conference took place at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, TX. As you return to your community after the conference, how can you turn your pro-life passion into Pro Abundant Life action?
Whether you want to connect with a local pregnancy center, or start a new ministry at your church, we have the tools to get you started.

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Experience Called and Missioned through the recap video. 

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Bring Gospel-Centered Pro-Life Ministry to Your Church

Making Life Disciples (MLD) is a basic training to equip a group of first responders in your church to provide compassion, hope, help, and discipleship to women and men at risk for abortion in your church and community. Making Life Disciples will transform your church's response to abortion, equipping you and others to:

  • Watch for and reach the abortion-vulnerable in your midst.
  • Have greater sensitivity for and provide healing resources for the post-abortive.
  • Build better bridges that connect pregnancy center clients with local church discipleship.

Friend, we are so grateful for you. Together we’ve been called and missioned! Remember, you are not alone, and here’s how you can take action: 

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: GREG AUSTEN, How to Mobilize Your Church Watch Now

  • Prayerfully watch the first session of Making Life Disciples 2.0 - WATCH NOW
  • Consider leading or identifying someone to lead a “life team” using MLD as your basic training to get started. If you already have some kind of “life team” at your church, consider using MLD to enhance your efforts and take you deeper.
  • CLICK HERE to learn more about this groundbreaking ministry resource.

Contact person: If you have questions or would like to discuss more about what grace-based, pro-life ministry looks like in a church, please contact Gary Springer, Director of Church Outreach & Engagement (West Coast) at gspringer@care-net.org

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Connect with Your Local Pregnancy Center

Care Net has more than 1,200 affiliated pregnancy centers in North America. Many of them have fatherhood and men's ministries that you can become a part of. Many of them want to start fatherhood and men's ministries, but need male staff and/or volunteers to make it happen. When you reach out, build a relationship and learn what they need from the men like you in the community.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: ERIN FORSYTHE, Pregnancy Centers and Community Engagement Watch Now

Contact person: If you have any questions or would like to discuss pregnancy center ministry in more detail, please contact eforsythe@care-net.org.

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Heal from a Past Abortion

Often, the first step a man must take in order to effectively minister to others who are considering abortion is to heal from their own past abortion experiences. Here are a few resource to get you started:

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: JILL MARQUIS, Forgiven and Set Free/Abortion Recovery and Healing for Men Watch Now

Contact person: If you have any questions or would like to discuss abortion recovery and care in more detail, please contact Jill Marquis at jmarquis@care-net.org

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Hear from several Called and Missioned attendees on why they were inspired to attend a pro-life men's conference and what their biggest takeaways were from the event: Watch Now

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Our amazing line-up of speakers made the Called and Missioned Conference special. As keynotes become available, they will be posted on this page. 

Speaker Images_Called and Missioned_Circle7Dr. Tony Evans - Kingdom Men for Life

Speaker Images_Called and Missioned_Circle 

Roland Warren - Why Men Must be Pro Abundant Life

Speaker Images_Called and Missioned_Circle3
David Platt - Men: Called and Missioned

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Amy Ford - Why Women Need Men in the Fight for Life
Speaker Images_Called and Missioned_Circle6
Steve Arterburn - Men and Post Abortion Recovery
Speaker Images_Called and Missioned_Circle5
Samuel Rodriguez - Men and Church Engagement on the Life Issue

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Michael Jr

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A special thanks to our sponsors, whose resources and support will empower men to find their calling in the pro-life movement.

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