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The Care Net “Bookstore” is Now CareSource™

Posted by Vincent DiCaro on Mar 1, 2016 9:59:00 AM

The store.

The bookstore.

The resource center.

The online bookstore.

The online resource center.

That place where I get Care Net stuff.

These are probably all names you have used to refer to Care Net’s store, where you are able to purchase resources like Before You Decide and Serving with Care and Integrity.

We wanted that “place” to have a name that you could connect with, and that would communicate the resource center's value to you and your center.

That is why Care Net’s store is now CareSource™: Life-Affirming Resources from Care Net.

Why CareSource™?

Simply put, CareSource is the source for the materials you need to provide care to your clients. As a pregnancy center, you are in the business of providing compassion, hope, and help to men and women facing pregnancy decisions. We want CareSource™ to be the one place to get everything you need to do so with excellence. 

CareSourceFINAL-logo.pngCareSource is housed at store.care-net.org, which re-launched on October 15 of last year. If you haven’t already been there, it is a state-of-the-art online shopping experience organized in a way that makes sense for how you work. And there are new sections for churches and for website templates (available only to logged-in affiliates), highlighting the new resources that Care Net continues to make available to you.

The store is anchored by the Before You Decide series, which contains the Before You Decide magazine and brochure, and the Before She Decides brochure for men.

And of course you can still get Care Net's flagship training curriculum, Serving With Care and Integrity -- teacher's edition and trainee's manual -- at CareSource.

And a whole lot more! 

New Products on the Horizon

The most exciting thing about the launch of CareSource is that it will be the home of many new and exciting products and services, many of them coming within the next 6 months. In addition to resources to help you run your pregnancy center, there will even be some pro abundant life swag to let you show your support for life. 

Get 15% Off Everything as an Affiliate

Go ahead and browse CareSource and don't forget -- if you are a Care Net affiliate, you must log in to CareSource to get your 15% affiliate discount. Hint: your username is the email address you use to access the Affialiates-only website, and your password is your 4-digit center id. 

Shop CareSource, Save 15% ▸


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