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Abortion pills reverse pro-life progress

RU-486, a common abortion pill, goes by many names. And the pill’s growing popularity has reversed a decade of pro-life progress and declining abortion rates.

The consequence? The window for pro-life groups like Care Net to reach abortion-vulnerable women is shrinking.

Women make the decision to keep or abort their baby just 11 days after they find out they're pregnant.

The truth about RU-486 abortion pills

There’s another name that better describes these little pills: Chemical Abortion. Each time a woman takes an RU-486 pill, a precious unborn life is ended.

The pills are popular because they’re so easy to use. That’s why chemical abortions are up 24%.

There’s no surgical staff or sterilized rooms involved. But the result is the same. It takes only 2 doses to end a life.

Dose #1 alters a woman’s hormones, by making her womb a fatal environment for her baby. Dose #2, which can be taken at home, increases contractions.

Each mother who takes the pills knows when their pregnancy is ending. The painful cramps and bleeding are impossible to miss.

Pro-life forces must respond

The lives of precious babies lie in the balance. Our opponents want young women to believe that this is a simple painless way to remove an “inconvenience” from their life.

Together, we must reach them with the truth.

Please help today. Your generous gift is more important now than ever. With your help we can speed up our response time so that fewer women will swallow this life-destroying pill.

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