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Provide steadfast support to battle abortion by giving monthly!

You can fulfill a critical role in the battle against abortion. And with abortion conglomerates like NARAL and Planned Parenthood intensifying their tooth-and-nail attacks against Care Net, we’re in urgent need of pro-life allies!

By joining Caring Partners, you’ll provide steadfast, monthly support to fight on behalf of unborn babies’ lives.

The reason abortionists are targeting Care Net affiliated pregnancy centers is because we are their worst nightmare! Armed with TRUTH about their toxic trade, COMPASSION for abortion-vulnerable women and FAITH in God’s leading, we’re blowing away their flimsy disguise of providing “CHOICE”!

The truth is, we’re the ones providing life-affirming options to abortion-determined women. And new mothers are THANKING partners like you for stopping them from making the biggest mistake of their lives!

Start your Caring Partners membership now

Your membership will bring you special benefits in the coming year, including:

  • Exclusive quarterly reports
  • A designated Care Net team member to answer your questions and serve you
  • A monthly letter with special updates on how your support is saving lives
  • A monthly prayer devotional for your personal spiritual growth
  • An invitation to special partner events
  • A special Care Net water bottle
  • And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, the knowledge that you are saving the lives of unborn children! 

Of course, if you’re not able to make a monthly pledge today, your single gift now will be a great help in the battle for LIFE.

Become a pro-life hero. Join now. Help equip the front lines to do their best. Our army needs your courageous, monthly support to help spare unborn babies from a needless death — and their mothers from the lifelong anguish of abortion!

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