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Download "Fatherhood Aborted" by Guy Condon & David Hazard 

Fatherhood_Aborted_iPad_image.jpgAmazon.com describes Fatherhood aborted as a unique look at the emotional devastation men face from being involved in abortion. 

"The postabortion emotional trauma suffered by women is becoming widely known. But until now, no book has addressed the emotional devastation of men who have been involved in the abortion of a child. The authors discuss the aftershocks of abortion, including violence, addictive behaviors, isolation, resistance to authority, and difficulty bonding with women and children. The book includes personal accounts of postabortive men's own experiences and shows that the path to forgiveness and healing is found in a vital relationship with Christ, the Life Giver."

Engaging fathers is the next step in winning the pro-life effort.  We need to make sure that fathers see the value of life as they influence the women around them.

By reading this book, and encouraging your friends to read it, you will understand where the pro-life movement needs to go, and help be an ambassador for this important cause.

Download "Fatherhood Aborted" Today

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