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Legends for Life

Welcome to Legends for Life, Care Net’s legacy society. Members of Legends for Life are donors just like you. They are loyal supporters who believe in and support the mission and vision of Care Net. They want to make certain that our work is effective, life-changing, and lasting. Joining Legends for Life gives us the opportunity to honor you and others like you who have included Care Net in their will or estate plan.

For more information, contact Bob Milton at Bmilton@care-net.org or 205-914-4812

legendsforlife-logoMembership in our Legends for Life Society

You can show your love for our mission and set an example for others by remembering Care Net in your will or other planned gift. Nothing you give could have a longer lasting impact.  Making a gift in your will of only $2,500 puts you in an elite group and enables you to become part of Care Net’s Legends for Life legacy society.


What Are the Benefits of Membership?

You may choose to have your name listed on the roster of Legends for Life members, or you may choose to be an anonymous member (We will respect and enforce your request to remain anonymous). Other benefits include:

  • Certificate membership in Legends for Life 
  • A “Welcome gift box” 
  • The opportunity to remain anonymous if you choose
  • An exclusive lapel pin given only to members of Legends for Life
  • Future webinars exclusively for members


How to Become a Member

There are two ways to become a member of Legends for Life:

  1. Make a gift to care Net through your will of $2,500 or more and inform Care Net’s Planned Giving Department of your intentions. (You can remain anonymous if you desire).
  2. Inform us that you have already left a bequest gift to Care net for $2,500 or more and that you would like to be a member of our Legends Society.


How to Leave Your Legacy

Care Net's legacy is built every day by helping women and men faced with pregnancy decisions find compassion, hope and help for their unborn children and abundant life for their families. Your legacy is easier to create than you may think.

IN YOUR WILL – This is the simplest way to leave a legacy.  Just include Care Net in your will or living trust. You can make changes to this throughout your lifetime.  Contact us for specific wording regarding your desires.
THROUGH YOUR RETIREMENT PLAN – Name Care Net as a beneficiary of a qualified retirement account or IRA. As a 501c3, your gift to Care Net, bypasses any taxes and we receive the full amount of your gift.  Contact Bob Milton at bmilton@care-net.org for more information. 
WITH YOUR LIFE INSURANCE – Make Care Net beneficiary of a life insurance policy you own. You might have forgotten about it or might not need it anymore because your situation has changed. It’s a simple way to make a bigger impact in the lives of families.

WITH APPRECIATED ASSETS – Giving stock or mutual funds to Care Net allows you to avoid capital gains taxes and allows Care Net to receive more from your gift, while giving you a charitable tax deduction on the full amount you give.

If you have already included Care Net in your estate plan, please let us know by contacting our Director of Planned Giving at bmilton@care-net.org.