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Care Net Calls on President Obama to Make Abortion Rare: Offers Proven Solutions in Underserved Communities
Care Net Press Release
November 06, 2012

Care Net Calls on President Obama to Make Abortion Rare:
Offers Proven Solutions in Underserved Communities

LANSDOWNE, VA: Care Net CEO Roland Warren commented on President Obama’s re-election, calling him to fulfill a promise made in his first term: to make abortion rare. Waren offered Care Net's proven solutions to help him reach that goal:

“In 2010, President Obama talked about the importance of making abortion “rare.” Sadly, the record of his administration so far has been a record of expanding abortion. Yet most American women agree: abortion is not the best solution in an unplanned pregnancy situation. Care Net has proven abortion-reducing solutions that empower women to make life-affirming decisions and create their own success stories.

“Pregnancy centers are now providing more resources than ever before in places where abortion has reached epidemic proportions – our nation’s inner cities,” Warren continued. “The good news is the passion we see among urban church and community leaders who are committed to reversing abortion statistics by building local pregnancy centers. Through Care Net’s Underserved Outreach Initiative, practical help and emotional support is now available to women in urban areas like Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, and Richmond.”

Care Net Vice President of Underserved Outreach, Rev. Dean Nelson, understands the need for abortion alternatives: “When you recognize that the number of abortions actually outnumbers live births, it is easy to see the need for renewal in some urban communities,” he said. “Care Net is providing those life-affirming solutions.”

On Oct. 12th in Richmond, Virginia, where nearly half of the city’s pregnancies end in abortion, the East End Pregnancy Test and Help Center opened to serve the community with pregnancy tests, material assistance, and peer counseling on pregnancy options.

“The opening of pregnancy centers like the East End Pregnancy Test and Help Center is a positive challenge to the status quo in cities like Richmond, where abortion might feel like the only option,” Warren said. “I look forward to opening a dialogue with the President about how to harness the power of faith-based volunteerism to reduce abortion, building a culture of compassion instead of hopelessness, to serve and empower women.”



Care Net is working to build a culture where every woman receives all the support she needs to welcome her child into life and create her own success story. Last year, Care Net’s faith based pregnancy centers served nearly 400,000 women, offering them free services such as ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, STD tests and counseling services. Nationally, Care Net pregnancy centers have a 98.8% client satisfaction rate, and they have been honored by numerous states and, in 2008, by the White House for their service to our country. 

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