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Thousands have been inspired to embrace abundant life through one of Roland Warren's presentations. Utilizing Scripture, humor, and the story of his life, he communicates life-changing truth in an unforgettable way. Roland is available to speak at your next pregnancy center event or banquet, church event, conference, or fundraiser.


                         What others are saying about Roland Warren's Keynote Presentation

"Our banquet raised over $200k!  Our largest ever!!  Your message engaged folks!!!"  - Sharon  Sizemore, Wiregrass Hope Group Marketing/Development Director

“We had the honor of having Roland as the speaker at our banquet last year. He did a tremendous job. Roland is a seasoned speaker who not only provides great vision and insight into the life issue but weaves in his own redemptive story. He brings a much needed message focusing not on being pro-life, but being pro-abundant life. He also brings in the male’s perspective and this was definitely helpful in reaching our audience. His vision went right along with the new vision of our center and our banquet was a smashing success. So much of the feedback that I received was on Roland and how much our supporters enjoyed hearing him speak. I would HIGHLY recommend having Roland as your next banquet speaker.”- Ashley Baldwin, Choices Pregnancy Center 

“Roland’s heartfelt message about the widespread need in our community greatly motivated our donors and pastors to be a bigger part of the rescue effort. We had Pam Tebow and Star Parker as speakers in recent years, so our donors had high expectations for 2015. When we announced who our speaker was, folks immediately asked ‘who’, ‘WHO’?? We promised folks they would thoroughly enjoy hearing him and our prayer was he would engage them to connect with our ministry as he had engaged us at the conferences. He did exactly that to our 675+ donors at the Fundraising Dinner.

Roland started by being transparent and sharing his life with our guests. He engaged them to understand the Bible story of Jesus’s birth still speaks volumes to us today! Jesus birth and His salvation gift is the center of what we do at Wiregrass Hope. Roland’s master story telling engaged our guests to recognize the ministry of Wiregrass Hope was an extension of Jesus’ ministry. Roland engaged them to recognize their part in what this ministry is doing in the Wiregrass Area.

Of course, the success of the dinner is not just based on how folks felt when they left that evening or from the feedback we received. The success of the banquet is really measured in the amount of donations received. Our banquet had been raising just under $175,000 for the last few years. Our prayer for 2015 was to increase our giving to $200,000 in order to fund another abstinence presenter for our school program. When the dust all settled and our tabulations were complete, God had blessed us, through Roland, to raise over $200,000 for this ministry! It is now April of 2016, and we still hear from donors how much Roland’s banquet speech, engaged them to connect with Wiregrass Hope." -Frank Burger, Valley Pregnancy Center Director   

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