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You can save TWICE AS MANY unborn babies from abortion with your first monthly gift today thanks to a Dollar for Dollar Matching Challenge. Activate your life-saving partnership today to save lives 365 days a year!

Sign the Pledge Against the "National Abortion Hotline!"

When a woman finds out she is facing an unplanned pregnancy, she needs compassion, hope, and accurate information about all of her options—including the costs and risks associated with abortion. But the U.S. federal government wants to make sure that the only choice she is given is abortion. The federal government announced that it will fund a "national abortion hotline" using taxpayer money to refer women to abortion providers. This will be a dangerous competitor for pro-life hotlines that connect women and men to life-affirming care. 

We cannot let this happen. By signing the pledge to stand against the national abortion hotline, you're joining thousands of others in affirming your commitment to fight for life-affirming options for mothers, fathers, and unborn children. 



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